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Luci solar lantern light lamp

Luci inflatable solar lantern, New Zealand, is an easy to use, high quality micro solar lantern and task light that is light weight. It’s also maintenance free, safe and water resistant. It is a high impact and low footprint resource to increase access to reliable lighting across the globe. Designed and manufactured by MPOWERD Inc., a B-Corp., founded in 2012.

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Power Outages Emergency Preparedness Car Safety

Power Outages Emegency Preparedness Car Safety

Luci is great to have around the house in case of a power outage and during natural calamities such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes or in your car in case of a breakdown. Let Luci be there for you when it’s needed most.

Camping and Outdoors

Camping & Outdoors

Luci is lightweight, waterproof and collapsible, and won’t take up space in a backpack. She is a safe alternative to matches and costly, heavy and unreliable batteries. Bring Luci along on your next camping trip or evening hike to see how useful she is.

Parties, Festivals, Events and Concerts

Parties, Festivals, Events & Concerts

Luci can be easily set up at an outdoor party, wedding, festival or concert to help create an eye-catching atmosphere. Hang or place Luci anywhere for night time lighting and festive decor to make your events more special.

Home and Restaurant Decor

Home & Restaurant Decor

Place Luci anywhere around the home or restaurant, flickering softly while you sit back and relax. Put her on coffee tables, desks, ledges and more, Luci will add a little bit of ambiance to any room.

luci solar lantern hunting


Consider Luci your new hunting buddy. While hunting at night, Luci will help illuminate the way and let you keep an eye on your prey.

luci solar lantern military


Luci is a necessary item for any midnight mission. In high-pressure, dangerous situations, Luci will help you see what your enemy cannot.


“Achieving sustainable energy for all is not only possible, but necessary. It is the golden thread that connects development, social inclusion and environmental protection”.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Founded in 2012 asf a Benefit Corporation, MPOWERD seeks to do well by doing good. We contribute to abolishing energy poverty through the development and manufacturing of innovative, affordable lighting and power products. Our goal is to provide access to bright light for everyone. We seek to provide viable options to supersede, replace and eliminate the environmentally unfriendly, dangerous and costly means by which people are presently forced to find light.


MPOWERD is committed to empowering communities who are living without reliable energy access with clean lighting sources. Customers are encouraged to learn about how access to quality lighting can make a difference around the world and to donate, so that LUCI can reach highneed communities at a discounted rate. These solar lanterns are solely distributed through our authorized NGO partners, who are working with us to help end energy poverty. Please visit: www.mpowerd.com/give-luci

child holding luci solar light lamp

child holding luci solar light lamp

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