Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of lighting will I receive from one single charge?

When Luci is fully charged, you will receive 6 to 12 hours of light dependent on brightness level.

What is Luci’s lifespan?

Luci has 300-500 cycles of full charge to full depletion so the length of time she lasts depends on frequency of use.

What happens when it’s cloudy out?

If it is cloudy outside and you do not have access to incandescent light, Luci will charge, as long as it is not too cloudy and it is still daylight, but it will take longer.

What happens if I use Luci while it is raining?

Because Luci is waterproof, she will not be affected by rain and remember if its really rainy she floats!

How much area does Luci light up?

On her brightest setting, Luci can light up 15 square feet of area.

How long can Luci retain her charge when going unused?

Luci will retain 50% of her charge for 2 years if left inactive — i.e. she will only lose 2.5% of her charge per month.

Is it possible to charge Luci while in use?

Yes, but its preferable that you let Luci charge fully before using it.

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